Snapshots of the month 3

Today I leave my little moments that I share with you on Instagram I hope you enjoy it a lot and enjoy it …

Hoy os dejo mis pequeños momentos que comparto con vosotros en Instagram espero que os guste mucho y lo disfrutéis..

1.-Zara heels 2.-City palms
3.- Training day 4.- Showing my legs

1.- Details in brown 2.-This clouds
3.-Love this shorts 4.-Breakfest

1.-My hotel views 2.-Feeling good 
3.-Relaxing 4.-Breakfast 

1.- My place is the sea 2.-Mojito moment 
3.-Lloret views 4.-Comfy look for traveling 

1.- Selfie 2.-Monas day
3.-Militar look 4.- Spring is here

1.-Breaks time 2.-Micky Shirt
 3.-Shopping for home 4.- Butterfly

1.-Coffee time 2.- The perfect bomber 
3.-My time 4.-Playing

1.- Barcelona places 2.- Metallic shoes
3.- Relaxing moment 4.-Sneak in my hand

1.-My city is AMSTERDAM 2.-Working for Essie
3.-My nails are red 4.-Garden flowers

1.-My basics 2.-Flowers pic
3.-My white shoes 4.-Meet time

1.-This is the perfect cake 2.-Love my baby
3.-In the jungle 4.- New hat

1.- Red details 2.-Handmade cupcakes
3.-Shopping for home 4.-Selfie

1.-Ripped jeans 2.-Training outfit
3.-My new pijama 4.-Mums day

1.-My Mango jacket 2.-Cine time
3.-Barbecue day 4.- My new heels

1.-Lovely pic 2.- This views 
3.-My food 4.-In love with this shorts 

1.-Training 2.- details from my look
3.- My San Jordi cake4.-Special shoot

1.- My lovely cat 2.-San Jordi day 
3.-My sweet flower 4.-My new babys

1.-Red lips 2.- Coffee in the hotel 
3.- Swagger look 4.- Details of an amazing trip 

1.-Andorra views 2.-Rustic wall
3.-Relaxing in my hotel 4.-Shopping in Andorra

Lots of loves!
Mucho amor!

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