Snapshots of the month 2

 This month I started playing sports as I said in other posts so this will be a little more fun …
Hope you like it very much and thanks as always for being there!

. Este mes he empezado hacer deporte como ya he comentado en otros posts así que este será un poco mas divertido…
Espero que os guste mucho y gracias como siempre por estar ahí!

Este mês eu comecei a jogar o esporte como em outros lugares que eu disse isso Isso vai ser um pouco mais divertido …
Espero que você goste muito e graças, como sempre para estar lá!

1. Milk in the morning 2. New nails made with love

3.My new boots 4. Some fresh fruit for home

1. Views from my home 2. My dad car
3 In my closet 4. Outfit of the day

1.Hand made crepes 2. Sunny day
3. My new book 4. Favorite food ever 

1. My protein after gym 2. Doing some sport 
3. My morning 4.With my baby 

1. My lunch 2. Lets train 
3. My closet 4.New pink things 

1. Perfect combo 2. Spa time 
3. Love this pic 4. Barcelona corners 

1. Cake for Sundays 2. My dream of Chanel 
3. Barcelona lovely places 4. In the doctor

1. Hande made cupcakes 2. My gym
3. A relax time 4. Meat with potato 

1. Solar eclipse 2. Dady’s cake 
3.Pic at the gym 4. I love pineapples 

1.Sweet afternoons 2. Playing with the leaves
3. My new Converse 4. After training 

1. Pizza and Tv 2. Alone in the gym 
3. My addiction is my iphone 4. My new ripped jeans

1.New zara babys 2.fresh flowers at home 

3.magic sunsets 4.Bannana in the afternoon 

Mucho amor!
Lots of loves!
Muito amor!

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